Seals and Sea Lions: Scoundrels or Scapegoats?

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Fishermen on both coasts of Canada are calling for culls and increased killing (“harvests”) of seals and sea lions. They believe that they will increase their catches of fish and help the fish populations recover by reducing the populations of seals and sea lions. Are they right, or are they scapegoating seals and sea lions? Hear from fishery and marine mammal scientists on this pressing issue.

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VIDEO EXTRAS – More from our interviews with fisheries scientists and marine biologists

Dr. Martin Haulena

Dr. Martin Haulena discusses his work saving seals and sea lions, whether they are overpopulated, and what needs to be done to make fishing sustainable. We also see him doing this work helping rescued seals and sea lions in this video.

Prof. Robert Lackey

Prof. Lackey, of Oregon State University, Dept. of Fisheries and Wildlife, discusses salmon – what has caused the decline in wild salmon and what can be done about it.

Vancouver Fisheries Scientists and Marine Biologists

Prof. Andrew Trites, Dr. Peter Ross, and Dr. David Costalago discuss seals, sea lions, and fisheries, with some video of a smart Steller sea lion at the UBC research station and seals and sea lions at the Vancouver Aquarium.

East Coast Fisheries Scientists and Marine Biologists

Prof. Sara Iverson, Prof. Jeffrey Hutchings, Prof. Boris Worm, and Mike Murphy discuss harp seals, grey seals, and fisheries.